offering urban planning services throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales...from strategic level... to street level... and for the places and spaces in between.


develoPmenT aPPliCaTions

We have strong and diverse expertise in a broad range of development application types in different property sectors across a variety of scales and budgets throughout Queensland and we are an accredited RiskSMART planning consultant.                

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to assist the Planning & Environment Court and attend pre-trial ‘without prejudice’ mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) conferences.

Town Planning Advice

We don’t simply answer questions, we think holistically to deliver comprehensive advice. Not in need of comprehensive advice? We can be engaged at any stage of a project - the glint of an idea could end up being a strategic solution to a complex issue.

serviCes To loCal/sTaTe government

We are registered on a number of preferred supplier panels for provision of professional town planning services to local and state government.

dUe diligenCe & develoPmenT FeasibiliTy

The potential for risk in property development is ever present. All of our new and repeat clients benefit from the educated risk we convey through due diligence and feasibility assignments.                                                                  

liQUor liCensing

Queensland clients in the hospitality and entertainment industry engage us for new license applications, extended hours, variations, transfers, Risk-assessed management plans (RAMPS), Social impact assessments and Community impact statements.


Clegg Town Planning has provided robust and reliable consulting town planning services to clients since 2006.


Land use planning is our core business which means we hold recognised tertiary qualifications to be able to provide professional town planning services to clients from the private sector and government and non-government agencies. We work throughout all of Queensland and northern New South Wales and represent clients to local authorities, government agencies and the Planning and Environment Court. We like to stay abreast of current local and regional planning and development issues and invite you to join in conversations on our blog and social media channels - click the links below.

In addition to our formal qualifications and training, we hold Institute and Association memberships of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and the Queensland Environmental Law Association (QELA). We actively involve ourselves in continuing professional development programs, industry forums and conferences. We hold Registered Planner status from the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA). The Registered Planner grade of membership was designed to highlight the competency of PIA members as well as align members with counterpart international organisations in the UK, USA and NZ as well as like professional bodies in Australia. Our Principal was elected as one of Australia's first recipients to be successfully awarded the new grade of "Registered Planner" membership on 14 July 2016, a mark of competency, reliability and professionalism in town planning.


If you’ve ever wondered what a town planner does or what town planning is, or whether you maybe contemplating a town planning career, this short video by the Planning Institute of Australia explains it in a nutshell (or at least what can be said about the many facets of town planning in a minute or two!)


Our 8 core values drive our behaviour and in turn our business. If you identify with the values that drive us, it's likely we'll enjoy doing business together.



Our clients are landowners and property developers, residents and community groups, corporate organisations, local authorities, state government agencies & non- government bodies & corporations, as well as other consulting professionals in the property development industry (eg architects, surveyors, engineers, lawyers, property valuers and the like). A sample of our work can be found in our gallery.

If you identify with our core values and are interested in working together, it's easy to get in touch with us.


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