A town planning expert witness is usually required to give evidence to the Court in proceedings dealing with land or planning and environment matters, such as an appeal about the decision of a development application.

Clegg Town Planning provides expert witness services on behalf of the private sector, local government, state government agencies and the community to the Planning and Environment Court, Land Court and Supreme Court and we routinely attend prescribed pre-trial ‘without prejudice’ mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) conferences where our main objective is to resolve issues prior to trial before significant escalation of costs.

“My practice principally concerns proceedings in the Planning and Environment Court, the Land Court and civil litigation. In that context I have sought Graham’s assistance in a number of matters over the past 3 to 4 years.
“I have found Graham to be very conscientious and to have a good grasp of the legal context of the town planning issue about which I have sought advice. I have found his advice to be well reasoned, practical and readily understandable.
“On one occasion Graham was able to prepare a well researched and robust report in relation to a matter concerning the due diligence of a building which had a lengthy and somewhat chequered planning history involving unauthorised uses and improvements. This required a great deal of research and detailed review of historical planning scheme provisions and approvals. The report had the effect of significantly reducing the scope of contested matters and reduced the hearing time of what would otherwise have been a lengthy trial.”
I have no hesitation in recommending Graham to clients and, indeed, I frequently do so."

Dale Ellerman – Partner, Anderssen Lawyers